Who we are

We are a family group of producers, organic tea Olympus - sideritis scardica. Two years ago we joined forces under the common nameSIDERITEA” to meet market needs.

The creation of regulated crops contributes to the rescue of tea which in recent years has fallen victim to uncontrolled collection and as result it is endangered. Ensuring the optimal growth conditions we produce a natural product equivalent to the native, namely, a product that holds the full features and beneficial properties such as those collected in the wild.

We consider our obligation to preserve the tradition and knowledge passed from generation to generation, so we cultivate tea with love, the same variety, on the same slopes at the foot of the mythical Mount Olympus where our ancestors cultivated as well.

Our fenced areas, which have been examined for the soil conditions, are all in Litochoro, on the slopes of Mt. Olympus, with stony, calcareous soil and unique microclimate created by the combination of the mountain and sea breeze, as sea  is a few kilometers away.

We work ourselves in our fields enjoying our contact with the earth, applying sustainable practices throughout the crop cycle. We make rational use of water, we plant, we scratch, we collect and weed out only with our hand while we do not use pesticides, fertilizers or any additives. Drying is done by cold method at the legitimate and controlled by the BIO-HELLAS laboratory which we run in Litochoro Pieria. In this way we maintain the aroma and the taste of the essential oils of the tea. All production and packaging stages are made by hand in order to ensure the quality and traditional identity. Also, our packaging materials have all eligibility requirements for food and to the extent we can they are recyclable. All these contribute to the biological nature of our production which is controlled and certified by BIO HELLAS.

Our objective is the Olympus Tea to travel to as many destinations as possible. To achieve this, we have already been working in the direction of "vertical integration", namely to have all required facilities i.e. drying, packaging, storage, in a place close to our fields. Also, within the innovation framework we have set as our target the cooperation with scientific institutions with a view to possible preparation of products in the natural food industry, as food supplements, herbal medicinal products or cosmetics. In recent years, the humble, low Olympian tea profile proves scientifically its beneficial properties, as ushered in labs and is the subject of scientific research, therefore, there seems to be a trend to replace synthetic chemicals plant origin, in this trend we declare our presence.

6 Votsi Str / 60200 Litochoro Pierias / Phone 6932217184, 6945930894 / Email: [email protected]