Enjoy it

Enjoy it either cold or hot!

Enjoy the "Olympus Tea” every single moment of the day, morning or evening, throughout the year. It is delicious and aromatic, with zero calories and no caffeine and constitutes the ideal solution for a healthy and tasty drink which will elevate your senses.

To enjoy the full flavor and aroma of the tea, prefer fresh water. First, boil the water and just before it starts to boil, remove from heat, pour chopped twigs and leave them from 3-5 minutes (depending on how strong you want your drink) to exhibit its flavor and beneficial properties.


Enjoy it:

hot with honey during the winter, perfect for fighting colds

hot with cinnamon, perfect for cold winter evenings

cold with crushed ice and lemon in the summer, for a healthy refreshing break



Make a unique antioxidant beverage that will amaze you:


1/2 liter of water

2 sprigs of tea Olympus

1 stick of cinnamon

1 stick of vanilla

some whole cloves

1/2 orange, sliced ​​(with peel)

2 whole spices




Boil water and pour all the ingredients except for the honey. Leave to simmer for 10 minutes. Remove the sprigs of Olympus tea and leave for 10 minutes the other herbs to boil. Strain and serve hot adding 1 tablespoon of honey.

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