The Olympus tea

Olympus Tea - the nectar of the gods. The "mountain tea" or else "Olympus tea", as it is widely known to the Greeks, grows in this blessed area for centuries. It was the favorite decoction of the gods and whole generations grew up drinking this enjoying its flavor and beneficial properties.

"OlympusTea" scientific name is "sideritis scardica" and belongs to aromatic and medicinal plants. It grows at an altitude of 1,000 meters on rocky and sunny slopes. It has simple little woody stem at its base, lanceolate leaves and bright yellow flowers; the Olympus tea has been considered one of the top quality teas since antiquity, known as nectar of the gods.

Since ancient times, the inhabitants of the region drank the "Olympus Tea" for its beneficial properties. It was used in traditional medicine; modern studies have shown that it contains more than 60 active components with beneficial effects on the human body. The coexistence of different beneficial components such as phenols, flavonoids, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium render the "Olympus Tea" a unique beneficial decoction for all ages. It protects against colds and inflammation of the upper respiratory system, combats indigestion; furthermore, it is considered as analgesic, tonic and stress reliever! Ideal for today's pace of life!

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